Artists Creative Ways to Offer Hope.

Artists have found creative ways to offer hope amid the COVID-19 crisis Information from Artists around the world are adapting to shutdowns by swapping physical performance spaces for virtual ones. Social distancing comes at a great price for both [...]


If Brent Crabb’s artwork came furnished with a soundtrack, I imagine the song list would include a heady mix of blues and classic rock. Using pencil to sketch everything from historical landmarks to uncanny likenesses of pop icons, and even [...]

Creative Quarantine Activities

Ideas while we are Quarantined! Here is a list of ideas to help you get through a lengthy quarantine, whether you’re living alone, with a significant other or with kids. And most of these ideas are universal — even if [...]


ArtStreet 2020 Update: May 14, 2020 Hello Artists and Art Enthusiasts – We wanted to give you an update on the status for ArtStreet, scheduled for August 28-30. The safety of our artists and our community is our top priority [...]

Gregory Frederic – Well known Painter

Frederic is currently a full-time working artist, but getting there wasn’t easy. As a child in Haiti, art classes were not offered in school. Frederic satiated his desire to create by drawing, yet he longed for more.  “I always wanted [...]

Artstreet 2020 Design Competition

Do you want your artwork to represent Artstreet 2020? Every year we have a design competition for the logo/artwork to be used at Artstreet. This artwork will be used on t-shirts, posters, social media and other marketing tools. We would [...]

Artigras Raffle Winners

Due to the Coronoavirus the Raffle Items are unable to be picked up at this time. We will contact you when you are able to come to the office. Thank you for your understanding. GR Jensen Laura Winbelspect Barb Beaver [...]

New Website!

Welcome to our new website! A big shout-out to Greg, Chase, Jim and John at Webfitters for meeting with us, working with us, putting up with us and creating a beautiful website while being respectful of our budget. And [...]

Artist Turns Silverware into Jewelry

from Misty Nagan comes from a long line of women good with a hammer. Her grandmother in Arizona, her mother in Appleton and now Nagan in De Pere. She’s a third-generation artist who has mastered the craft of flattening, [...]