Events in Wisconsin Cancelled

For the latest: Events, attractions cancelled or postponed by coronavirus.

Stuck at home in need of a bit of inspiration?

Our studios put together some of our favorite tunes we like to jam out to when we are in the studio together. Have a listen or have a dance with this eclectic selection of songs on Spotify. Studio Playlist

Artists Creative Ways to Offer Hope.

Artists have found creative ways to offer hope amid the COVID-19 crisis Information from Artists around the world are adapting to shutdowns by swapping physical performance spaces for virtual ones. Social distancing comes at a great price for both [...]


If Brent Crabb’s artwork came furnished with a soundtrack, I imagine the song list would include a heady mix of blues and classic rock. Using pencil to sketch everything from historical landmarks to uncanny likenesses of pop icons, and even [...]

Creative Quarantine Activities

Ideas while we are Quarantined! Here is a list of ideas to help you get through a lengthy quarantine, whether you’re living alone, with a significant other or with kids. And most of these ideas are universal — even if [...]

COVID-19 and ArtStreet

ArtStreet 2020 Update: July 20 – ArtStreet 2020 has been cancelled. While this was a difficult decision to make, we felt that due to the current circumstances regarding Covid19, it was the best decision for all. We are in the [...]

Gregory Frederic – Well known Painter

Frederic is currently a full-time working artist, but getting there wasn’t easy. As a child in Haiti, art classes were not offered in school. Frederic satiated his desire to create by drawing, yet he longed for more.  “I always wanted [...]

Artstreet 2020 Design Competition

Do you want your artwork to represent Artstreet 2020? Every year we have a design competition for the logo/artwork to be used at Artstreet. This artwork will be used on t-shirts, posters, social media and other marketing tools. We would [...]