U R Art

Titletown District

Inspiring Creativity – Strengthening Community

We believe all people should have the opportunity for experiences like music, theater, dance, visual arts and other art forms. U R Art is dedicated to ensuring access to high quality arts education for youth in our communities.

Since 2019, U R Art has connected all ages to a variety of skills and emotions through arts concepts. This free program introduces mental health and social concepts through story then pairs the content with a complementary art-based project. Books geared toward any age reader are based in social/emotional learning and touch on things like self-confidence, building resilience and healthy coping mechanisms. Other topics get at social situations like blended families, recovery, forgiveness, and goal setting. All of the stories open the window for discussion, creativity and celebrating the uniqueness and individuality each person brings to the community. After all U R Art!


U R Art will:

  • Bring Artists into the classroom.
  • Connect students with arts & cultural opportunities throughout the community.
  • Support high quality arts learning as an essential part of a well-rounded education for students.

The Goals:

  • Build partnerships between professional artists, teachers, community arts providers, non-profit organizations and students AND adults.
  • Engage families and communities in celebrating student work.
  • Create awareness of the value of the arts and how the arts impact our lives.


2024 Schedule COMING SOON!: U. R. Art 

Titletown – Lombardi Avenue Green Bay, WI 54304

To learn how to bring U R Art to your classroom, non-profit or business,
please contact [email protected] or 920.435.5220.