Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Advancing the arts in the Greater Green Bay Area.


Our Mission

Mosaic Arts, Inc., a non-profit organization that is dedicated to representing the variety of arts and cultural opportunities in our community. The mission promotes and supports the work of artists, arts and cultural organizations, and creative businesses and fosters arts education in the Greater Green Bay Area.


Our Story

Mosaic Arts, Inc. has a long history as the original arts organization in the Green Bay area. It was first incorporated on January 31, 1979 as the Northeast Wisconsin Arts Council (NEWAC). A group of art and culture-loving individuals had the foresight to create NEWAC with the intention of not only promoting the arts in the Green Bay area, but to also create a weekend-long festival that would bring the arts outdoors. With much planning, Artstreet was born! Several years later a late winter festival, Artigras, was added. Together, over 40 years later, those two events continue to be the premier arts festivals in NE Wisconsin. In 2018 Holiday Art Market was added to the list of events by Mosaic and continues to grow.


A Shift Towards Mosaic

Over time, the Northeast Wisconsin Arts Council morphed into NEW Arts and Arts Events. Eventually, they merged back to one organization which is our current Mosaic Arts, Inc. It was determined that the mosaic term would be a great fit for what we do – bringing pieces together to create a beautiful whole. And just like a mosaic, we are dedicated to piecing together the variety of arts and cultural opportunities in our community to reveal an exciting and vibrant cultural landscape. We promote and support the work of artists, arts and cultural organizations, and creative businesses in the greater Green Bay area.

Over the years, Mosaic Arts has hosted many events along with Artigras, Artstreet, and Holiday Art Market, including Bay Fest and Savour Green Bay. Mosaic has supported countless artists through grant opportunities, art shows, fiscal receivership and networking.


Growing The Arts

As we continue in our fourth decade as a nonprofit organization, we are thrilled to continue the tradition of Artigras, Artstreet and Holiday Art Market. We are also excited to organize Green Bay’s first Make Music Day. We continue to grow our partnerships and friendships with many local nonprofit arts organizations and non-art related organizations because when it comes down to it: the arts matter.

Mosaic is here to support our local artists, host great shows for our artists and the community, and create programming for school children, seniors and those who may not have access to art supplies and programming.


Thank you for visiting our website – www.mosaicartsinc.org. Feel free to contact us if you would like to become a member or with any questions or ideas.