An investment in the arts is an investment in our community.

When you support the arts you strengthen the economy and help the community succeed in offering creative experiences to the public. Our sponsors help provide the necessary support to keep Artstreet a free event to the public and helps to make our incredible events possible.

Mosaic Arts is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on public support to fulfill its mission, to present art and entertainment events for the community, and to provide marketing and brand awareness opportunities for local businesses.

Artstreet Sponsorship Opportunities

Presenting – Exclusive sponsor of the Event.

Special Event – Special large activity brought to the community that enhances a creative experience.  2022 Activity is Master Sand Sculpting.

Main Music Stage – Sponsor a day of great music that will bring music lovers out to enjoy many genres of fine tunes.

Community Stage – The youth in our community get the opportunity to perform on stage and experience an interested and engaged crowd.

Family Activity – Each year we bring exciting artistic opportunities for familites to enjoy.  With art, food, music, and activities, bedtime is the only reason to leave the park.

Cultural Street – Mosaic strives to highlight other not-for-profit organizations by allowing them to get their messaging out to the public at our event.

Emerging Artists In a juried art show, it is difficult for emerging artists to get into shows, sell their work, find a mentor, and experience life as an artist.  This sponsorship helps us to support those learning the trade.

Artist Oasis – We hope we have picture perfect weather for our event, but even with great weather, the artist’s need and deserve a break from the long hours required to be part of an art show. This sponsorship provides an “artist’s only” retreat that allows them to get off their feet, enjoy refreshments, or just get out of the sun.

Artstreet Raffle There are so many reasons people enjoy Artstreet, but some actually come just for the raffle.  Forget the lottery, your odds are so much better at our event.

These are just some of the many opportunities for your organization to show support of the arts in the community. To learn more or to find that sponsorship that helps you really connect with the event, please contact [email protected].



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