Artstreet and Artstreet Road Show T-Shirts

Artstreet and Artstreet Road Show T-shirts are FOR SALE!

As you all know, things have been awfully different this year. First, we (Mosaic Arts) had to make the difficult decision to cancel Artstreet. Then, the majority or even all the shows for the artists were cancelled. We thought, how can we do an event that will comply with all the COVID rules and still have the artists be able to show their work? This is where the Artstreet Road Show idea had come up.

What the Artstreet Road Show did was have numerous places around Green Bay with different artists at each location. These locations included business as well as artists opening up their homes. There were signs leading to the locations. We had music playing at some places. We wanted it to be close to what Artstreet is. This was something we had never done and did not know what to expect. The feedback from our artists were so positive that we are thinking we should do another one!

But then it came up about what t-shirts should be made? Artstreet or Artstreet Road Show? We had to consider that every year we have a contest for the Artstreet design. This design competitionArtstreet 2020 Design Competition is meant to be used for marketing material and t-shirts. Before Artstreet was cancelled the design was already picked out and the winner was notified. There were some modifications made to the design due COVID-19. Well, we did not have Artstreet but thought, can’t miss a year without a t-shirt, even if it was cancelled.

Now when it came  to the other t-shirts, we created a new logo and t-shirt for the Artstreet Road Show. What is different about this t-shirt is we had artists name on the back, which is not something we normally do. This was another clever way we could advertise the artists.

Through all these changes, Mosaic Arts wanted to do something to remember the year of 2020. Please support the arts and purchase one or both of these t-shirts! Only $20 each.

We hope things will be back to normal come August of next year, but you never know.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Molly Carey
Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
Mosaic Arts, Inc

Please email: [email protected] to order. Click here to download T Shirt Order Form Artstreet and Artstreet Road Show 2020

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