August 25, 26 & 27

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Event Details

Artstreet 2017 Hours
Friday, August 25 | 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm (music until 10 pm)
Saturday, August 26 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (music until 9 pm)
Sunday, August 27 | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Artstreet Information Center
The information center provides general event information and is where visitors can pick up an event brochure, purchase an Artstreet t-shirt or poster, and learn more about Mosaic’s year-round programs.

Plenty of free parking is available in parking ramps, parking lots, and on adjacent streets.

FREE with a suggested donation of any amount offering patrons the opportunity to make a difference and help grow the arts in the community by making a contribution. Donations can be made at the Artstreet Information Center. Tips are accepted at the Artstreet Pub & Grill and Artstreet Pub. Proceeds will support community arts programs.

Green Bay Visitor and Convention Bureau can assist you with your travel plans. Call (920) 494-9507 or toll-free (888) 867-3342 or visit them at Green Bay Tourism

Directions to Artstreet Grounds
Map & Directions

A City of Green Bay ordinance 27.307 prohibits animals from special events downtown.

Unauthorized Vendors and Solicitors:
According to Green Bay Municipal Code 6.201 unauthorized vendors and solicitors are prohibited on the Artstreet grounds.

Art Raffle Winners:
Congratulations to the individuals below who won a piece from the Artstreet Art Raffle! Winners can pick up their piece on September 9 from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm at 130 E. Walnut St., Ste 509, Green Bay, WI. All pieces must be claimed by 12/1/17.

Chris Alexande
Fiona Astleford
Kathy B.
Lilly Baxter
Steve Beernsten
Judy Beernsten
Rita Behnke
Tammy Castonia
Audra Castonie
Faye Cesario
Mary Cook
Frank Czarnecki
Chris Daleiden
Nancy Davis
Pam Davis
Michele DeBaker
Jean DeBauche
Debbie Delvausx
Laura Denton
Sally Dery
Diane Dixon
Chip Dorry
Ron Ellihhern
T. Farah
Sylvia Ferden
Bonnie Frechette
Tim Gerondele
N. Guzzonato
Danielle Hackbarth
Denise Hahn
Chris Heqizman
Chris Heyerman
Roxeanne Hilb
Mark Hills
Kathy Holl
Michelle Ibsen
Rose Jensen
Karen Jerry
Tammy Johnson
Maggie Jolly
Lois Kania
Julie Kare
Linda Kirby
David Klemens
Anne Klemens
Chris Klemens
Phil Klickman
John Knuth
Sue Koctt
Martha LaChapelle
Kelli Lalande
Julie Larson
Warrne Lemerond
Karen Lewis
Sarah Melrog
LeeAnn Meyer
Stacy Myers
Kathy Natheys
Joann Neily
Kim Nelson
Patrick O’Connor
Conner O’Hagen
Makos Ramona
Brian Randerson
Faye Rose
Tanya Rudar
Carol Runnar
Corinne Schaller
Mary Schils
Lucas Schmechel
Paul Slathy
Sarah Smits
Nancy Stachowisk
Marlene Stadler
Frank Sterling
John Tennie
Gerry Tepp
Laura Thorson
Mark Valitchka
Diana Verhagen
Patti Vleign
Becky W.
Joe W.
Emma Wacek
Bonnie Wagitz
Lynn Washington
Becky Webster
Pati Wiegand
Lory Wieseckel
Stan Williams
Jim Wochos
Jas Young

For more information contact us at: (920) 435-5220 or email us with Questions