Artstreet Rules of Entry

Rules of Entry

Media: All fine arts.

Eligibility: Participation is open to all fine artists, 18 years of age or older, who exhibit work of original concept, design and execution.

Artist’s Participation: The artist responsible for creating the work on display in the booth must be in attendance during the show.

Reproductions: No more than one-fourth of any exhibitor’s display may consist of commercial reproductions of the exhibitor’s original work.

Prints: Only signed and numbered prints pulled directly from the original plate may be shown. Digital art must be printed on archival quality materials, signed and numbered in limited editions. Photographs must be signed, numbered and developed by artist or by a person strictly supervised by the artist.

Display: All work displayed must be for sale. The exhibitor’s name and booth number sign must be clearly visible at all times during the show.

Entry: Please do not submit additional information such as brochures and written materials. They will not be considered by the jurors. Please complete the description section of the entry. This will be read to the jurors.

Multiple Medias: You must submit a separate entry, set of images, and jury fee for each category you wish to display. You may only exhibit work in those categories for which you are accepted. (For example, if you apply in painting and ceramics, but are accepted only in painting, you may not show ceramics at your booth.)

Commission: None. Each exhibitor is responsible for selling his/her own art work. Brown County sales tax is 5.5%.

Awards: Over $5,000 in cash awards, including a purchase award, will be presented. Awards will be selected and announced on Saturday.

Exhibitor Fee: $250.00, separate check, returned if applicant is not selected to exhibit. Exhibitor fee is deposited after the jurying has been completed. Booth fees may be refunded until June 30, 2021 if the space can be filled. Exhibitor fee is nonrefundable after June 30 (COVID-19 related cancellations will be considered).

Jury Fee: $25.00, separate check (nonrefundable).

Booth Space: Each exhibitor booth space will be approximately 10’x 12’ to accommodate a 10’ x 10’ booth. For double booth spaces please call for availability. Subletting or transferring of exhibit space is strictly prohibited.

Artstreet Responsibilities: Artstreet will provide an exhibit area for each participant and security during the day and overnight. Artstreet will be responsible for all promotion, publicity and advertising. Artstreet will provide volunteer booth sitters and host an artist reception.

Exhibitor’s Responsibilities: All props and exhibition materials supplied by artist. Work must be shown during all Art Fair hours which are Friday, 3 pm to 7 pm, Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. Each exhibitor displays and sells all work at his/her own risk. Artstreet is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of an individual’s work.

Jury Selection Process

Artwork will be evaluated on the criteria of skill, originality, quality, and design. The jurors will not see applicant’s name nor other identification. There is no predetermination of the number of exhibitors to be selected in any one medium. The jurors will view the four images simultaneously, side by side, and by medium. Each category is previewed and then viewed a second time. The jurors then grade the work from 1 to 10, with 10 being high.

Application Check List

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • $25.00 jury fee; separate check, please. Nonrefundable.
  • $250.00 exhibitor space fee; separate check, please. Space fees are returned if applicant is not selected to exhibit.
  • Four (4) images of current work (see image instructions below).
  • Postmarked by May 31. Results will be shared by June 14.

Image Requirements

  1. Dimensions: 1920 x 1920 pixels
  2. File Format: Baseline Standard JPEG
  3. File Size: under 2.0 MB
  4. Color Space: RGB

Our image requirements follow the suggestions of the NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists).