Artstreet 2021 Logo Design Competition

Important Information for Submissions


All original 2-D artwork mediums will be accepted. The use of bold, contrasting colors is highly recommended. The design should not exceed more than 5 colors. Work must be appropriate for public viewing and capture the atmosphere of Artstreet. Entrants are encouraged to allow visual arts, music, dance, and culture of the event to influence the design.

The design must include:
Artstreet | Date | City, State

Rights & Reproduction:

After submission, all entries will become the property of Mosaic Arts, Inc. The selected image will be displayed on event promotional and commemorative material and may be subject to modification to meet print and design requirements.

2021 Logo Winner – Daniel Moore

Award & Selection:

A cash award of $300 is given for the artwork selected as the 2021 Artstreet Image and for all copyrights to the design, use and modification. The winning design will be selected by Mosaic Arts, Inc. and displayed on posters, t-shirts, and other promotional event materials.

To submit an entry:

Send us your name, phone number, both mailing and email address along with your design.
Please include the Release Form with your design.

Mail to: P.O. Box 1344 Green Bay, WI 54305
Email PDF to: [email protected]

All entries must be received by June 4, 2021.
Entrants will be notified by June 11, 2021.

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Did you know?

Artstreet was the brainchild of the Northeastern Wisconsin Arts Council (now Mosaic Arts, Inc). The original planning committee met for the first time in April 1981, more than a year before the actual festival. They wanted to offer a weekend experience in downtown Green Bay that was so vibrant and memorable for so many people that the arts will gain importance in public and private life all year round.