Creative Quarantine Ideas

There are many different virtual activities but there also are projects you can do at home. Here is a list of what you can do with your children or by yourself.

Here is a list of ideas to help you get through a lengthy quarantine, whether you’re living alone, with a significant other or with kids. And most of these ideas are universal — even if you’re living alone, FaceTime, Skype and even just plain old phone calls can help you stay connected with family and friends. I’ve added some possible websites that could be helpful.

Here’s other options: 100 things to do by USA Today

Learn to play an instrument — or practice the one you already play

Music can make anything better. Maybe you bought a guitar that sits in your closet. Maybe your parents willed you a piano. Maybe you have a beautiful voice you’ve never cultivated. There are plenty of tutorials online.

2. Test your knowledge of the news

If you Google “online news quizzes,” you’ll find plenty of current events challenges created by everyone from the New York Times to Bill O’Reilly. It’s a perfect thing to do in solitude, considering the family arguments that might ensue with discussions.

Visit online trivia sites

Quizfreak is a personal fave, but there are plenty of others. They’re very affirming.

Write letters

If you’re feeling isolated, think about elderly people. Most homes for seniors are not allowing visitors. Call an assisted living center and ask the social director or other staffer for the name of someone who might enjoy being your pen pal. You also could set this up with a relative. Take hand sanitizer to the mailbox.

Take a risk

Reenact Tom Cruise’s iconic scene from “Risky Business,” that is. Be sure you’re not expecting company (and that you don’t slide past windows without shades).

Play Hearts, or Yahtzee, or even Whist

You don’t need human opponents. will let you face off with Bill, Mike, Lisa or your choice of customized foe in a variety of games. Your significant other shouldn’t worry — these people are fake.

Take a drive and take some photos

You will, at some point, feel claustrophobic. If you get in your car by yourself and make no stops, you can have a sojourn in the Loess Hills, along River Road in northern Douglas County or other scenic spaces. Mom would tell you to use the facilities before you leave home.

Virtual Tours of Museums and Galleries

This may be the perfect time for a free introduction to opera. Google “Met Opera on Demand” for programming from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. They’re not kidding when they say “on demand,” however. If you want to avoid a wait at the site, apps are available for Apple, Amazon and Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs.

The Art GarageChildren’s Museum of Green Bay

Get in touch with your inner artist

A pencil and paper are all it takes to start, but you could combine cleaning with creativity by repurposing newspapers, mailed circulars, trinkets, gadgets or anything else around the house in collages or other things. And since you live alone, nobody will see your endeavors unless you want them to.

Learn to dance

Online tutorials can help you dazzle your friends, family and potential partners with hip-hop, jazz or ballroom moves. You’ll want to kick back when you’re done keeping your distance.

You Tube Videos

Take an online class

Learn how to paint or do a fun activity with the kids. You will keep your mind stimulated and help pass the time!

The Art GarageChildren’s Museum of Green Bay