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Mosaic is developing an arts education program that will ensure access to high quality arts and cultural experiences for all school-aged youth in the Greater Green Bay area. The arts play a vital role in the development of children and are essential in a well-rounded education. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to engage and participate in the arts.

Even though there are countless reports that discuss the positive impacts of the arts, opportunities for children to participate in the arts are threatened as public schools continue to experience cuts to arts programs and community arts providers face funding challenges. Research continues to show that the arts are important to all aspects of education. The correlation between arts learning and academic skills is well documented. The arts have been shown to engage struggling students, develop creative thinking skills, strengthen problem solving, and add to overall academic achievement and school success. The arts teach children life skills such as cooperation, appreciating different cultural values, learning to make decisions, and building self-confidence and self-discipline.

Mosaic has a community arts team that includes arts education experts to formally analyze the current status of arts education resources, design an arts education plan, and develop strategies for implementation. The team is comprised of artists, teachers, administrators, arts managers, and community leaders.

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