Mosaic Member Misty Nagan, owner and designer behind jewelry business Silver Wear by Misty, specializes in up-cycling vintage silverware into wearable pieces of art. We wanted to get the inside scoop on her unique artistry. Thanks to Misty for answering all of our questions!

Silver Wear Heirloom Jewelry

Silver Wear Heirloom Jewelry

Your pieces are so unique. What inspired you to become an artist and work with jewelry?

I’ve always loved art. This new adventure with jewelry happened a couple of years ago when my mom started creating jewelry from vintage silverware. My grandmother has also been doing this kind of art for twelve years. She started creating jewelry from her very own heirloom silverware set that she inherited from her mother. She wanted to make something special out of it, something that could be used on a more regular basis, rather than being tucked away in a drawer. So she created watches for her loved ones! Everyone loved them so much, she continued to create jewelry pieces from there. My grandmother passed down the trade to my mom, who then showed me the creative process!


A third generation silverware artist… It sounds like a family affair! Does your family inspire your work?

Absolutely. My family’s creations and creativity inspire me along with other unique jewelry pieces I find. I have two boys; ages eight and eleven, who keep me on my toes with all of their activities!


So all of your pieces use vintage silverware? That’s incredible! Do you have a favorite piece?

Yes! All pieces are made out of vintage silverware… even if it doesn’t look that way.  I never thought I would be designing such unique jewelry! But I love every minute of it, and enjoy creating modern and edgy pieces for my trendy customers. Two of my favorite pieces are a fork elephant and a pair of earrings made out of fork tines.

Fork Tine Earrings

Fork Tine Earrings

What do you hope people take away from your work?

I definitely hope that they take away the uniqueness of each piece and the up-cycling aspects of the jewelry line.

Any current shows or events coming up that we should look for?

I exhibit at the Broadway Farmers’ Market each week and am a featured artist in the De Pere Downtown Art Walk Series.

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