Did you know that students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs and standardized test scores, and lower dropout rates? Or that with 4 years of exposure to arts and music in high school, students will score an average of 100 points better on the SAT than students with only one-half year of arts or music? It’s not a secret that the arts play a vital role in the development of children… So why are schools on a downward trend in terms of providing students with meaningful arts experiences both inside and outside of the school day?

Classical music concert outdoors.

With countless reports that discuss the positive impact of the arts, research continues to prove that the arts are important to every aspect of education and the correlation between arts learning and academic skill is undeniable. According to Americans for the Arts, by integrating the arts into education instructors have been able to engage struggling students, develop creative thinking skills, strengthen problem-solving skills, and increase academic achievement and, in turn, overall school success. And the benefits of a creative education aren’t limited to the classroom! The arts teach children important life skills like cooperation, appreciation of different cultural values, decision-making, self-discipline and self-confidence – things that they will use for the rest of their life!

Hands Making Pottery On A Wheel

So how can we provide every student with the opportunity to engage and participate in the arts both inside and outside of the school day, and ensure that all students have ongoing and equal access to high quality arts learning through dance, music, theater, visual arts, literary arts and more?

Thankfully we live in a community that is rich in artistic resources and Mosaic intends on taking full advantage!

We are currently taking the lead on developing a community-based arts education plan for the greater Green Bay community. A team comprised of artists, teachers, administrators, arts managers, and community leaders are in the process of working with the greater Green Bay area school districts, community arts organizations, and artists to assess needs, identify challenges, facilitate communication, and plan programs that give children the opportunity to participate in high quality arts learning.

street artist

The Arts and Education program will enable us to connect local artists and arts organizations with schools to encourage a collaborative atmosphere and address the different needs each school has when it comes to arts education. The purpose of this program is to increase the opportunities for arts learning across the board and help schools, artists and community arts organizations grow and develop cohesively.


Programs will include in-school artist residencies, field trips, and performances that ensure rich arts experiences for all students, no matter their learning style or cultural background. However, the students won’t be the only ones learning! Mosaic will provide all arts specialists and teaching artists with professional development opportunities, as well as advocating to the community the importance of arts education, public funding, and developing community support and resources.

Mosaic envisions a creative community where all students have access to and actively take part in high quality arts learning. Ensure that the next generation receives a well-rounded creative foundation rich in the arts. Infuse education with art!